Greetings Eagle Nation!

The Winston-Salem Chapter of the NCCUAA invites you to come fly with us. We are taking off in new directions with new ideas, new approaches, but the same Eagle Excellence.

We are looking for new members to help us soar to new levels. The annual membership for the local Winston-Salem Chapter costs $35. Membership dues should be paid by July 1st of each year.

If you have not joined the National Alumni Association and/or your local Winston-Salem alumni chapter, it is not too late to give yourself a “gift of membership.” JOIN TODAY by clicking HERE!!

“In Truth and Service”,

Darian Street-Hoover – Class of ’92
Winston-Salem Chapter President


Chapter Officers

President: Darian Street-Hoover – Streethoover@gmail.com or NCCUWS1910@gmail.com
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Sharon Anderson – sdanderson134@gmail.com
Recording Secretary: Alisha Tuck – atuck.mba.@gmail.com
Parliamentarian: Selina Jones – selinaljones0124@gmail.com
Correspondence Secretary: Sylvia Squire – sylviasquire15@gmail.com
Financial Secretary: Cheryl Perry-Jones – cperryjo@gmail.com
Chaplain: LeDessa Pearson Cunningham – lcunningham4@triad.rr.com
Committees & Chairman – TBA
Young Alumns – TBA

Donations can be mailed to the address below and checks should be made payable to “NCCU Winston-Salem Alumni Association”. You may also Cashapp using using $NCCUWSAA.

Mailing Address:
WS Chapter of NCCUAA
PO Box 30275
Winston-Salem, NC 27130

NCCUAA Winston-Salem Chapter Meeting

Starting in August 2022, we will start the new year with a new hybrid schedule and new meeting date.  We will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30-7:30 pm.  Our hybrid schedule will be every OTHER month we will meet face to face.  Its time to start fellowshipping face to face again (with safety precautions).   Our first meeting will be August 9,  2022 and we will meet face to face.  Our meeting location will be announced closer to our meeting date.  The next meeting in September will be zoom and we will go forth from there.  I hope this will bring some new faces out and energize the alumni body.

Click HERE to view our 2022 June-July Newsletter.